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Jun 24, 2020

Episode 04:  The founding of Marymount Bogota, Colombia, narrated by Sisters Virginia Joseph, Laurence Monahan, and Renée Rushton, RSHM, who served as educators during the early years of the school.  

In this episode, Sister Virginia who arrived in Bogota in 1949,  Sister Laurence arrived in 1954, and Sister Renée in 1952, share their stories and memories of Marymount, Bogota Colombia.

At the invitation of Archbishop Ismael Perdomo, two Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary from the Eastern American Province went to Bogota in 1947 to make preparations for a school. The school opened in March 1948 and shortly after, a free school and a social work center were established. 

Within five years, the RSHM opened schools in Barranquilla and Medellin as well. Later the sisters became involved in work in the rural areas. The RSHM presence continued in Columbia until the mid-1980's. 

After the sisters left Columbia, the three schools continued under lay leadership that has maintained the RSHM mission and spirit. Today Colegio Marymount in Medellin and the Marymount Schools in Bogota and Barranquilla are members of the RSHM Network of Schools.

Pictured from left: Sr. Laurence Monahan, RSHM,  Sr. Renée Rushton, RSHM, and Sr. Virginia Joseph, RSHM.  


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